About Surfside Ranch & Our Owner

Joanne Crusing-Winne fell in love with horses at the age of five. Her dreams came true at age 9 when her parents purchased her first horse, Midnight. It was at that time she began to learn every aspect of equine care and riding. She turned her passion into a way of life. That way of life centered around a deep love of all animals and led her to actively rescue and rehabilitate horses.


Joanne has worked at horse stables in San Diego county doing everything from guiding trail rides to teaching private riding lessons. For eight years, Joanne taught the Horsemanship Program at the University of San Diego.


In 1997, Happy Trails Horse Rentals opened and Joanne has been an integral part and owner ever since. In the fall of 2015, the original Happy Trails Horse Rentals underwent a branding and name change to better reflect itself to the community - we are more than just horse rentals, we are Surfside Ranch.


The Surfside Ranch core staff and Joanne have over 150 years of combined experience with horses; from daily care and grooming to guiding trail rides, teaching lessons and training race horses.

Joanne Crusing-Winne, Owner

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